On the 1st Saturday of each month we will run a 2-hour workshop with one of our experienced coaches.

We will go through all the fundamental movements to give you the confidence to train and join in Unit group sessions.

 What we cover:

  • Basic Body Movements of squatting, hinging, pushing, pulling- in all plains

  • Getting to grips with basic Barbell compound movements (Front/Back Squats, Press, Deadlifts)

  • Functional conditioning tools– kettlebells, dumbbells, rowing, ski ergo and bounding

We will finish with a fun team work out and a Q&A with the coach who will provide you with the basic nutrition do’s and don’ts.

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C. PACKAGE - £45

2 groups per week & open gym

g. package - £55

unlimited groups per week & open gym

session card - £65

10 group session

drop in session - £8.50

one 2 one session 

Contact chris @ the unit for more details for bespoke one 2 one sessions

please contact for free taster

(t&c apply)

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