X-Fit : 25/10/17 New Cycle wk3


  • General Movements: Unit Foundations
  • Med Ball Dynamic - Drills


COACHING - Why & How


A. Sumo Deadlifts - 4x6 (increase 2.5/5% from week 2)


B. RDL (Pause 2” below knee) - 3x8 @ 40-60kg


C. Super Set

Negative Pull ups 5x5 w/ 3-5sec eccentric

Barbell Bent Over Rows 5x8


D. Disc Conditioning

Select a DISC that you can complete good reps but challenges all movements.

40 x Disc G20H

20 x Halos

40 x Disc Hug Squat Jumps 

20 x Halos

40 x Over the Disc Push Ups