Barbell Club : 30/03/17

Start of a New 4 Week Cycle

Week 1 - Clean & Jerk

  • Warm Up: General Self Preparation & Mobility
  • Extra: 2 Rounds x Russian Baby Makers x 8 + Box Shoulder Openers x 20sec
  • Barbell Routine x 1 Round


A. In A 10min Window complete 6 Rounds of the following complex working on position and balance in the split.

2 x Power Jerk + 1 x Split Jerk (Pause 2sec in the split) 

Use a load that allows speed into the bottom. DIP - DRIVE - DROP - RECOVER


B. Every 2min x 5 (10min) 

3 x Hang Clean (Daily triple) 


C. Every Min. x 8 (8min)

2 x Hang Clean @ 90% of the daily triple 

Focus on finishing the pull "triple extension" and dropping fast & strong with quick elbows coming through. Keep Bar tight.


D. Halted Clean Pulls 5 x 3 (floor to Below knee, pause for 2sec at halted position) @ 70-75% 

Focus on position off the floor (Shin angle, Knees, Hips, Shoulders/Chest)


Extra -Strength Conditioning

Push Press 4 x 8 

Back Squats 3 x 5 @ 70-75-80%