X-Fit : 03/04/17


  • General Movements: Unit Foundations
  • Barbell Clinic- DJ Complex 2 Rounds


During your barbell clinic its time to focus on dialling in your basic movements, the aim is not to lift heavy but to lift smoothly working on a consistent tempo. through out. Loads BB - 40kg

Bent Over Rows x 3-5

Power Clean x 3-5

Front Squat x 3-5

Push Press x 3-5

Back Squat x 3-5 


Barbell Complex Strength

A. Bear Complex - EMOM 12 

Working in pairs each person completes one round of the bear complex in the minute. The target is to build to a heavy single but not to miss any reps.


B. Team Blitz (Pairs split reps / Run together) - Conditioning

200m x Run 

50 x Thrusters - 50 / 25kg

200m x Run 

50 x Burpees (1 - for -1)

200m x Run 

50 x DB Snatch @ 22.5 / 15kg

200m x Run