X-Fit : 10/04/17


    •    General Movements: Unit Foundations

    •    Barbell Clinic- DJ Complex 2 Rounds

During your barbell clinic its time to focus on dialling in your basic movements, the aim is not to lift heavy but to lift smoothly working on a consistent tempo. through out. Loads BB - 40kg

Bent Over Rows x 3-5

Power Clean x 3-5

Front Squat x 3-5

Push Press x 3-5

Back Squat x 3-5 


A. The Man-maker Complex EMOM

Working on the minute through each movement. There is no transition time.


20min - loads are determined on feel and your technique.

1. EMOM x 5

Power Clean x 3


2. EMOM x 5

Power Clean x 1 + Front Squats x 4 


3. EMOMx 5

Power Clean x 1 + Front Squat x 1 + Push Press x 3


4. EMOM x 5

3 x Manmakers

1 x Bar Burpee + 1 x P.Clean + 1 x Press OR if you are up to scratch with your squat clean the movement can be a squat clean into a thruster (cluster) still with a burpee to start.



B. Conditioning - Team 5000m Row for time.

In Teams of 2/3s complete 5000m as fast as possible