Barbell Club : 16/05/17

Snatch Barbell Warm-Up

Snatch-Grip RDL

Snatch Pull from Below Knee


Overhead Squat

Snatch Push Press

Drop Snatch

Hang Power Snatch

Snatch from Below Knee


A. Narrow Overhead Squats 5x3 (Build up to a narrow grip)


B.  Snatch Balance 3x3 w/ 3sec Pause @ 30-40%


C.  Snatch from Hips 5x2 @ 50-60%


D.  4 Point Snatch Pull (Pause 2sec at each position) 5x1 @ 70%


E.  Front Squat (X-Fit Cycle week 4) 3 x 5.3.2 @ 80% of 3RM



GHD Back Extensions 3 x 12

Loaded Side Plank 3 x 20-30sec