Power Blitz : 30/06/17


Running Drills ( 2 laps on each at 15m w/ walk back recovery) 


  • Straight leg shuffle, Side Skips, Butt Kickers, A - Frame Skips, B - Frame Skips, Carioca, Power Skips, High Knees



WORK OUT - 36min EMOM Part 2 (500cal Burn) 


Min1. 40sec x Row (10sec hard / 10sec easy x 2)

Min2. 40sec x Air Bicycle (10sec hard / 10sec easy x 2)

Min3. 8 x Ground to over Head (Snatch / Power Clean & Press / Disc x 12-15 ) @ 50/25kg

Min4. 40sec x Ski (10sec hard / 10sec easy x 2)

Min5. 40sec x Shuttle Sprint (1 lap sprint x 1 lap jog x 3)

Min6. Core Disc Circuit - Shin to Disc, Spread Egales, Russian Twists x 6s