X-Fit : 19/07/17


    •    General Movements: Unit Foundations

    •    Running Drills


A. Warrior Press 3 x 4+4 KB / DB at 8-16kg 


Upper Body EDT 15min Running Clock

A1. Seated BB Shoulder Press (un-supported) x 6-8

A2. Rev. Grip Inverted BB Rows x 6-8 w/ 2sec pause at top

A3. KB Hanging High Pulls x 6-8


B - Modified Strongman (20min)

In teams of 3-4s working for 5min on each station and a 60-90sec change over.


  1. Log Push Press from blocks 50-70kg
  2. Prowler - 20m Heavy ass team push - increase load every lap
  3. Complex - D-Ball Over Shoulder x 1 + DB Snatch x 2 
  4. Complex - 20m Farmer Walk every 5m x 3 deadlifts (KB or DB)