Power Blitz : 07/07/17


Running Drills ( 2 laps on each at 15m w/ walk back recovery) 

  • Straight leg shuffle, Side Skips, Butt Kickers, A - Frame Skips, B - Frame Skips, Carioca, Power Skips, High Knees


WORK OUT - 36min EMOM Final Chapter: Targets

How long can you keep hitting the targets ?

Pick one of the following rep sequences, the aim is to keep hitting that number till the end of the work out on each exercise, if you can not finish in the time set then drop down to the next rep sequence, the aim is consistence, pace setting and mind of matter.


Min1. Row - cal

Min2. Thrusters - 42.5 /25kg

Min3. Air Bicycle - cal 

Min4. KB Swings (Chest / Overhead) 24/16kg

Min5. Ski Erg - cal 

Min6. Rest 


Rep Sequence

  1. 18
  2. 15
  3. 12
  4. 9