X-Fit : 10/07/17


    •    General Movements: Unit Foundations

    •    Barbell Clinic- Practice to days complex 


During your barbell clinic its time to focus on dialling in your basic movements, the aim is not to lift heavy but to lift smoothly working on a consistent tempo. through out. Loads BB - 40kg


A. 12min - EDT Power development

Back Squats x 2 @ 70-75%

Box Jump x 3 - Max safe height

Rest 45-60sec b/t rounds 


4min Rest 


B. 8min - Max Rounds (Pairs) 

3 x Power Cleans + 3 x Front Squats + 3 x Push Press / Power Jerk + 3 x Thrusters @ 60/35kg


4min Rest 


5 x 200m Shuttle Runs 

(Working in pairs : I Go U Go)