X-Fit : 10/01/18

WARM UP: 5min on Pulse raising activities = Various running drills

BARBELL COMPLEX paired with MOBILITY DRILLS between lifts

Focus is on quality of lifting not trying to lift heavy. Be smooth and work on consistent tempo with loads from BB-40kg (1 round w/mobility, 1 round BB Complex)


Bent Over Rows x 5    >    Downward dog to Cobra x 8

Power Clean x 5        >    Spiderman lunge w/ rotation x 8

Front Squat x 5        >     Single leg glute bridge x 5 (2sec hold)

Push Press x 5        >     Side lie quadricep stretch w/ kick out x 8

Back Squat x 5        >    Hamstring walkouts w/ push up x 8 



ESCALATING DENSITY : 2 x 15min blocks with 5 mins rest between each workout

When working through the work outs take 20-30sec rest b/t exercises and 60sec b/t rounds


Work Out A - 15min

Deadlifts x 5 @ 50-60% (TEMPO –

Prowler Push x 4x5m (Stop at each 5m and explode)

KB Lateral lunges x 10 


Work Out B - 15min

Pull ups x 3-5 @ (Tempo 3/1/1/1)

Standing DB Shoulder press x 8 -10

BB Bent over row x 10


Work Out C - 10min 

Team Calories (Rower & Air bicycle)