Warrior Blitz : 27/01/18

WARM UP x 3 Rds

  • T-Spine Pulse & Roll ot on Foam Roller x 10+10
  • Hip Flex Band Assisted x 20+20sec
  • KB Ankle Pulses x 8+8


SKILL & DRILL - Barbell only (2 Rounds)

5 x Clean Pulls (Deadlifts)

5 x Muscle Clean 

5 x Power Clean 

5 x Front Squats 

5 x Squat  Clean from Hang (Mid thigh)


A. Power Clean  5x5 at 60-70% - improve from last week 

For new lifters keep it light and focus on technique.


WORK OUT: In Pairs for time  

In teams of two, alternating Rounds completing 5 rds each - total of team rounds 10


21/18cal x Row (cal can be brought down to 15cal for weaker rowers)

15 x DB Cleans - Show both methods 

9 x DB Facing Burpees