X-Fit: 10/10/18 - Strict Press / Strict Pull Ups / Team Tailgate - Max Cal

Warm Up : 3 Rounds 

   Shoulder Pre Hab -  Prone PVC Press x 8

   Banded Pec Stretch 30sec e/s

A. Strict OH Press x 12-10-8-8 AHAFP

B. Strict Pull Ups 4x5 - loaded 

C1. Plyo Push ups to disc 3x8 

C2. Barbell Lateral Lunges 3x8/8

C3. Tempo V-Sit Ups 3x8-10 (3sec lowering)

Total Cal - Tailgate 

P1 - 12min Air Bicycle- Max Cal

P2 - KB Front Rack Holds 20/12kg 

Notes - 

P1 & P2 can change anytime, athlete on the Air bicycle may only ride once athlete has KB in the racked position.