X-Fit : 17/10/18 - Push Press, Strict Pull Ups, 5 Rounds - Increase the Intensity

Warm Up: Movewell Circuit AMGRAP 5

8m x Inch Worm Walks

8m x Walking Lunge Rotations 

8m x Burpee Broad Jump

8m x 2 x High Knees 

8m x 2 x Side Skips 

A. Push Press TEMPO 31X1 x 3x6 

B1. Strict Pull Ups 3xMax

B2. Seesaw Z-Press 3x5/5 (Hold the top)

C1. Renegade Rows 3x6-10

C2. Med Ball Rotational Slams 3 x 4/4

4-5 Rounds 

60sec x Air Bicycle (better cal each round)

10 x Dual KB Deadlifts 32/20kg

40m x Front Rack Carry - AHAFP

60-90sec Rest 

* Each round increase the pace on the air Bicycle