X-Fit 08/10/18 - Box Squats 85% / Functional Body Building / "I Go U Go" AMRAP 12

Warm Up : 3 Rounds 

   Foam roller - IT, Quads, Mid Back

   Banded Samson Stretch 30sec e/s


A. Box Squat 5x2 80-85% of your Back squat

B. Pistol Box Squat - Progression 2x6/6 (Lead w/ Heel)

C1. SL BB RDLs  2x8/8

C2. Ring Rows (Feet elevated)  2x8-10

C3. Loaded Plank 2x30sec

AMRAP 12 - Pairs “I Go U Go”

125m/150m x Rowing

10m x Bear Walk 

10m x Walking Lunges - no load

5/5 x Single Arm DB Thruster @ 22.5 / 15kg

20m x Sprint Back

Notes - Next athlete 2 sets off as athlete 1 starts the thrusters.