X-Fit : 14/11/18 - Cluster Bench Press / 45sec Pull Ups / Every 90sec x 3 Rounds

Warm Up: Movewell Circuit AMGRAP 5

8m x Inch Worm Walks

8m x Walking Lunge Rotations 

8m x Burpee Broad Jump

8m x 2 x High Knees 

8m x 2 x Side Skips 

8 x Push Ups

A.Cluster Bench Press - 4 x 3.3

These are clusters - you perform 3 reps and then re-rack the bar for 15sec before completing 3 more reps to finish out the set - 6 reps per set) - Build weight with each cluster

B. Strict Pull Ups  2 x 45sec - max reps break every 3 reps

(scale to bands across rack) - 90sec rest b/t efforts

Every 90sec for 3 Rounds (22min 30)

  1. Heavy Rev. Sled Push x 30m

  2. Ring Plank x 30-60sec (rot. hands out)

  3. Farmer Carry x 50sec (form / pick a moderate load)

  4. SA DB Tempo Push Press  x 6/6 (3/1X1)

  5. Band Pull Apart (Thumbs Out) x 10 (5sec Hold)