X-Fit : 19/11/18 - Back Squat Clusters 2.2 / Broad Jumps / 12min Conditioning

Warm Up: Movewell Circuit AMRAP 5

8m x Walking Lunges

8m x Lateral Sumo Squats 

8m x Bear Crawl F/B

8m x 2 x High Knees 

8m x 2 x Lateral Cross Overs 

**Kang Squat 3x4 - BB Only**

A.Cluster Back Squat - 4 x 2.2

These are clusters - you perform 2 reps and then re-rack the bar for 15sec before completing 2 more reps to finish out the set - 6 reps per set) - Build weight with each cluster

”Giant Set”

B1. Broad Jump  3x3 

B2. Banded BB Bent Over Row 3x8

B3. Bridge Turkish Get Ups 3x4/4 e/s

Conditioning AMRAP 12

15 x KB Swings 24/16kg

20 x Push Ups

200m x Run

20 x Spread Eagle Sit Ups

15 x Burpees - to Disc

200m x Run