X-Fit : 12/12/18 - Kettlebell Complex / Uni lateral EDT / #12daysofunit - Day 9

Warm Up - Running Drills

2 Rounds - walk back 

Straight Leg Shuffle x 15m

Side Skips x 15m 

Butt kickers x 15m 

High Knees x 15m 

KB Circuit Fire Up x 2 Rounds 

2/2 x Turkish Sit ups 

8 x Swings 

8 x Goblet Squats 

4/4 x Push up to Support 

4/4 x SA KB Rows

A - EDT - 12 - Unilateral Circuit 

Focus on quality Rounds 

6/6 x SA DB Foam Roller Press 

6/6 x SA Plank Rows 

6/6 x Lateral Lunges 

20/20sec x Pallof Press Holds 

B - 12min - Max Distance 

Teams of 4s

P1 - Ski Erg 

P2 - Of-set KB Holds (one KB in Front Rack other Over head) 20/12kg 

P3 - Hollow Hang from Rack 

P4 - Rest

Target - to complete max Distance on the ski erg. 

- Athletes can change at any time.

- Athlete must stop & change if one of his athletes fails to “Hang On”.