X-Fit : 05/12/18 - #12daysofunit / 10min Body Building

Warm Up - Running Drills

3 Rounds - walk back 

Straight Leg Shuffle x 15m

Side Skips x 15m 

Butt kickers x 15m 

High Knees x 15m 

KB Circuit Fire Up x 3 Rounds 

8 x Swings 

8 x Goblet Squats 

4/4 x Push up to Support 

4/4 x SA KB Rows

A.#12daysofunit - Day 2 (14min)

Teams Of 2s - split reps b/t team members.

2 x 6min AMRAP 

  1. Front Squat 

  2. Bench Press

In 6min complete as many reps as possible, Complete A then 2min Rest then complete B, reps are split between partners. All reps must be completed before moving on to the next set of reps. 

40reps @ 30/20kg
30reps @ 40/25kg
20reps @ 50/30kg
10reps @ 60/35kg
Max Reps @ 70/40kg

10min - EDT 

Complete as many good rounds 

10 x Half kneeling Press - L/A

15 x Loaded Sit Ups 

10 x Half Kneeling Press - R/A

30 x Band Pull Aparts - thumbs out

10 x KB Renegade Rows (no push up)