Warrior Blitz : 03/02/18

PRIMERS - 3 Rounds

  • Band Dislocates Shoulders x 10
  • Foam Roller T-Spine Pulses x 10
  • Samson Stretch x 20sec e/s



Movement Drills - BB OR PVC

Strict Press  x3

Push Press Press x3

Push Press in Spit (Jerk stance) x3

Split Jerk x3

A. Split Jerk 6x3

  • Build up to a moderate load focusing on skill of movement
  • Power Clean from the floor
  • ** If new to jerks practice with a light load with the same reps **


WORK OUT - In Pairs

In teams of two, alternating movements throughout, complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 25 minutes of:

21cal x Rower

10+8 x Deadlift + Hang Power Clean @ 60/35kg

15cal x Air Bicycle

12 x Thrusters @ 40/25kg

50 x DU / SU

Partner A starts with 21cal Row, Partner B then performs Dedalift + Hang Power clean, Partner A then performs 15cal Air Bicycle, Partner B does 12 Thrusters, Partner A does 50 DU/SU, then Partner B does 21cal Row…and so on.