Barbell Club 24/04/18 : wk 3 / S5

A) Snatch Complex Warm up

Muscle Snatch  + Pause OHS (3 sec pause) + Tall Snatch (Hips) + Zotts Press: 

3 x (3+3+3+3)


B) Pause Snatch Balance: 3,2,2,2,1,1,1 

Move up in weight each set. Pause for 3 seconds at the bottom.


C) Pause Snatch: 1×3, 3×2 , 3×1

Pause for 3 seconds in the bottom of each snatch.  Work up in weight each set. 

Try and get a little heavier than last week if it feels and looks good.


D) Bottom Up Front Squats 6×2

Choose a medium-medium heavy weight


E) Midline: 3 Rounds

10 x Weighted Back Extensions (use a barbell)

45sec x Side Plank Hold each side