X-Fit : 23/04/18 Regeneration Wk 3/ S5

General Movements Circuit :Foundation Drills


8min Mobility - Hips

Couch Hip Stretch x 20sec P/L

Goblet Squat Pause Squat x 20-30sec


A1 Bulgarian DB/KB Squats 4x6/6

(w/ 2 sec Pause)

A2 BB Good mornings 4x10

(Load AHAFP on each, focus on form)


B1 KB/DB Z Press 3x10-12 : AHAFP

B2 Bent Over Rows 3x12-15

B3 Band Front Raise to Pull Aparts 3x12-15


EMOM 15 (Pick a cal format and focus on hitting it consistently)

min 1 - Rower 18/15/12/9cal 

min 2 - Air Bicycle  18/15/12/9cal

min 3 - Rest