X-Fit : 12/09/18 Wk 1 / S3 - Floor Press / Pull Ups & Team Work out


Warm Up : 3 Rounds 

   Shoulder Pre Hab - T/W/Ys x 15sec on each

   Banded Pec Stretch 30sec e/s


A. Floor Press 3x8 - Starting at 60% 

B. Pull Ups 4x3 - 3sec Negatives


C1.HK DB Arne Press 2x8/8

C2.Lateral Lunge 2x8/8 

C3.Hanging Knee / Straight Leg Raises 2x15



12min Row for Distance (Male 3000m + / F 2000m +)

P1 - Row

P2 - Dual KB Front Rack Holds 20/12kg 

Notes - target to record distance, P1 & P2 can change anytime, athlete on the rower may only row once athlete has KB in the racked position