X-Fit : 10/01/19 - Split Jerk Balance / Hang Power Clean / Back Squats / KB Complex

Warm Up : 2/3 Rounds 

Clean Pull to Mid Thigh x 5

Clean Hang Pulls x 5

Hang Muscle Clean x 5

Hang Power Clean x 5

Tall Squat Clean x 5 

Push Press x 5 

A.Split Jerk Balance (from Behind Neck) 3x3

B.Hang Power Clean (Pause in the catch) 5x4 @ 60-70%

C.Back Squats 3x5 (30X0) 60%

4-5 Quality Rounds :  work with a load that you can complete through out each movement.

6/6 x KB Z-Press

6/6 x SA KB Bent Over Rows 

6/6 x SA Front Rack KB Squat

6/6 x Alternating Arm KB Swings 

Rest as needed.