X-Fit : 16/01/19 - Segmented Deadlifts (3 point) / Giant Set / 4 Rounds x Carry, Slam, Push, Sprint

Warm Up : 3 Rounds 

10/10 x Standing hamstring Swings 

8 x Prone Ys

5/5 x Star Side Plank

5 x Controlled BB RDL

A. Segmented Deadlifts (3 point) 3x5

B. Pull Ups 4x3 - 5-10sec Holds

Giant Set

C1. Foam Roller Press Alternating Arm (Top Down)  2x8/8 (2121)

C2. Split Stance SA Rows 2x8-10 e/a (2121)

C3. Pallof “Write your name” Press  2x25sec

4 Rounds 30sec / 30sec (16min)


Battle Ropes Double Slams

Low Sled Push / Sled Drag

Air Bicycle 

Notes - For the first round use only Left hand for the carry & sled push , in the second round right hand only, and sled drag , keep alternating rounds.