X-Fit : 30/01/19 - Segmented Deadlifts / Giant Set / 4 x 30/15sec

Warm Up : 3 Rounds 

8s x hamstring & adductor Swings 

8 x Prone W to Press over head 

5/5 x Side Plank Rotations 

5 x Controlled BB RDL

A. Segmented Deadlifts (2 point) 4x4

B. Pull Ups 4x3 - Eccentric Pull ups (3-5sec lowering)

”Giant Set”

C1. Floor Press 2x10-12 

C2. Split Stance SA Rows 2x8-10 e/a (2121)

C3. Kneeling Rational MB Pass  2x6/6

4 Rounds 30sec / 15sec 

30sec x SA OH Carry - L/A

30sec x Power Bag Floor to Alt Shoulder

30sec x SA OH Carry - RA

30sec x Row - Sprint 


“we first make our habits, then our habits make us”