New Cycle 12 week cycle - 07/01/19 (1/12) X-Fit : Tempo Goblet Squat / RNT Split Squats / Increase Intensity Sets

Warm Up : 3 Rounds 

30sec x Spiderman Lunge Hold 

8 x Bridges 

3 x Plank Walk outs (Upper Body Only)

8 x Controlled Air Squats 

A.Tempo Goblet Squat (3.3.X.1) 3x5

B. RNT Split Squat (In pairs)  3x8/8 

C1. 1-Arm KB Sit Ups 2x5/5

C2. HK DB Press 2x8/8 - Tempo

C3. Banded Good Mornings 2x12 - Control

15min Increase Effort Sets

(working in 3s and resting as needed)

12 x Kettlebell Swings 32/20kg

30sec x Hollow Brace 

6 x Tall Box Jump (step down) 

60sec x Row ( increase the effort of each row) 

rest 60-90se