X-Fit: 04/03/19 - Front Squat / Giant Set / Every 2:30min x 5

Warm Up : 3 Rounds 

20sec x Samson Stretch 

8/8 x Adductor Pulses

5/5 x SL RDL to Knee Raise 

5 x Goblet Squat

5 x Squat Jumps - Hands on Hips

A.Front Squat x @ Progressive loading

Giant Set

B1. Barbell Reverse Lunges 3x4/4 - AHAFP

B2. Alternating DB Curl to press 3x6/6 - AHAFP

B3. Hollow Brace 3x15-25sec 

Complete a new Round every 2:30min x 5 - Increase Effort Sets

(working in 3s and resting as needed)

6-8 x Thrusters @ 45/30kg 

20sec x Row - Cal 

6-8 x Renegade Rows @ 15/10kg 

4 x Burpee into Tuck Jump

(increase the effort of each Row )